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Products honor
OLO hyaluronic acid condom & ldquo; No add & rdquo; The concept of condom has become popular on the Internet,
OLO is committed to creating family planning products loved by men and women,
The product quality has indeed been highly praised by the majority of users,
and the sales volume has exceeded 20 million in the past two years,
OLo insists on using imported rubber from Malaysia regardless of cost,
Even hyaluronic acid should be the best, and silicone oil should be resolutely rejected,
Benzocaine and other harmful ingredients to human body,
The OLO ultra-thin process is almost close to the international
limit of thinness, while nourishing yin and lasting。
The product concept of OLO has been recognized by relevant government departments and awarded
“Green products & rdquo& ldquo; International famous brand”,
“Best selling brands in China's family planning products industry & rdquo; Other honorary titles。
At present, it is applying to become the first condom brand to log in the advertisement of New York Square in the United States。
The prospect of OLO market is unlimited。

Background of OLO hyaluronic acid condom company

Enterprise Background
Jiaxing zui'ai Health Products Co., Ltd.
Dongyang Songpu company joins hands
OLO hyaluronic acid condoms
Introduce world advanced production technology, machinery and equipment
Mr. LV Kejian, director of Jiaxing zui'ai Health Products Co., Ltd.
With a keen and unique business sense and professional explosive trading ability
Strive to build an advanced & ldquo; And internationally popular
Difference & rdquo; Special shaped condom products with strong sex.
Industrial plant and scientific research base
High tech personnel account for more than 20% of all employees,
Strong scientific research and development strength

LV KejianPost-80s entrepreneurial model

Lv Kejian

Personal glory:
Operation directors of Alibaba stores
China wechat business talent award

8 years of Internet promotion experience
5 years of sales team management experience

8 years of experience in gender health product planning
Micro marketing community fission promotion theory innovator
Founder of OLO brand